What We Do

Africanbond  is a dating site for African Singles and Friends living in the United States.

Africanbond is an African dating site carefully developed for users to meet and develop healthy and safe relationships that could mature into lifelong lasting bonds.  

At Africanbond we believe that online relationships should be developed under safe and trusting environment with the freedom to exhibit cultural qualities that is so synonymous with people of African origins. We fully intend to ensure that Africans can continue to enjoy and have pride in their origins and background values long after they have departed their homeland and more imnportantly that they are still able to find partners in their new environment that share those commonalities and interests.

We are fully committed to ensuring that those defining motherland values and its greatness are still experienced by Africans as they depart overseas to pursue their dreams.

We sincerely wish you an enjoyable journey and we promise to make your experience as remarkable as possible as you join this dating website.

The Africanbond Team